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Please order each person in the photo as a separate selfie character

You got a selfie? We will make a huggable soft toy that resembles the person in the selfie. 

The gift-giving season is upon us, and what better way to show a loved one how truly special he or she is than with a personalized gift? Our custom plush Toys are a truly personal and unique gift idea - perfect for graduations, weddings, birthdays, holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hannukkah, etc. or even office gifts for your boss and coworkers or as a corporate gift for your employees.

This one-of-a-kind, huggable plush toys are the perfect way to honor friend's and family's achievements in their career or personal life or to celebrate special moments in your own life. 

Please provide as much description as possible on the checkout page to help us understand the artwork and make it as detailed as possible. Descriptions you should provide can be:
- Features (Ex.: Sharp nose, brown eyes, long hair, anime, furry)
- Colors (Ex.: Red, sky blue, navy blue, baby pink, green, cream)
- Even mood is helpful (Ex.: Happy, angry, excited, sad, thrilled, scared).

Still not sure if your artwork is a “Draw Your Own”, “Original Commission” or “Selfie”? Check out the chart below or contact us.

Draw Your Own

Original Commission


  • Simple artwork
  • Often kids drawing
  • Often without faux fur 
  • Super soft and comfortable materials
  • Original character design
  • Specialty commission
  • Complex designs
  • Specialty faux furs and high-quality materials
  • Customer feedback and updates
  • Plush dolls of people sent by photo
  • Personalized clothes or costumes
  • Custom embroidery
  • Super soft and comfortable materials

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