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What types of payment methods do you accept?

Lead Time

What is the standard lead time for my Plush toy to be made?

Rush Service

I’m in a rush. Do you offer quick turnarounds?

Order Confirmation

How can I be sure you’ve received my order?

Modify Order

Can I make changes to the design once I’ve placed my order?

Order Status

Can I check on the status of my Plush Toy?


What if my Plush toy isn’t what I expected?

Special request

Can I order a life-sized version of a Plush Toy?

Product License

Does my artwork have to be original, or can I send a photo of something I’ve found?

Who is it for?

Are Plush Toys just for children… or can adults order, too?


Can I request a refund?

Size Variants

Standard and jumbo sizes