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1. Take a photo of the object you want to plushify

     For Draw your own plush Toys: Take a photo of your drawing, sculpture, cartoon, or video game character. If you don't have a drawing you like and need a little creative          inspiration, try out our tool.


2. Provide your photo to our designers

When you start your order, we give you several options for sending us your photo

If you are ordering from your mobile phone, you can upload the photo directly from your camera roll

If you are ordering from your computer, you can upload the photo from your hard drive. 


3. Get ready for the magic

Sit back, relax, and prepare yourself for meeting your own custom plush.


My Plush Toy makes high-quality plush toys created from drawings provided by artists or children. The quality and speed of delivery was incredible. I wasn’t expecting the product to arrive until October so I was very pleasantly surprised to find him 10 days after ordering on my doorstep.

Hannah, England, U.K

My daughter created a drawing of a character that she has been drawing and perfecting for years. Your company made her drawing come to life! She was extremely impressed with the attention to detail. She’s been extremely happy to see her character in your Instagram advertisements. Thank you so much for creating such a quality product. 

Kimberly, Ohio, US

My Plush Toy is a company that will take your drawing and bring it to life in the form of a lovable, huggable plush! All the products I’ve seen match the drawing they were based on perfectly. You can really tell they put effort into the details! And they are a pretty decent price as well. Better than many others!

Greenlee, Texas, USA
Make your own Plush toy

Make your own Plush Toy

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