About Us

Custom Plush Toys

Whether artwork or Selfies: we create a huggable experience for you! we turn any photo into a custom stuffed toy.

Draw your own Plush Toy: We bring artwork to life by creating cute, custom soft toys based on children's artwork. Currently, children's creativity is lost when their drawings go from the fridge to the attic to the recycle bin. Treasure their creativity forever and watch their eyes light up when they see their own drawings come to life in a huggable creation they can play with.

SELFIE: Turn a photo of anyone into a custom plush figurine. These super cute mini-me's make for awesome gifts for spouses, bosses, kiddos, and everyone in between.

 The idea of My Plush Toy is to give kids a chance to exercise their creativity and create custom soft toys that are truly unique and special to them. We make each custom plush toy to order right here in our factory, shipping fun custom Soft toys to kids everywhere.

We care about the quality of our product, the satisfaction of our customers, and the strength of our community. All toys are made under sustainable conditions and are quality tested for your safety.   


Our Team