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Nagasaki Plush

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Introducing Nagasaki Plush to our plush collection for the furry fans out there!

Our expertly-crafted, handmade specialty commission plushies are made of high-quality materials that are super soft and durable. Speciality Commission Nagasaki Plush is a hyena that is dominated by its teal and red colors. 

The Plush is created by My Plush Toy, and designed by Lucie Cassap, known as @nagasakiyeen on Instagram. All rights to this design are owned by Lucie Cassap.  


What is a furry?
Furries are simply explained, someone with interest in anthropomorphic animals - which means animals with human characteristics. For example a dog with the ability to walk on two legs. 

What is a fursona?
A fursona, is a furry-themed avatar, which means that is used by furries to represent themselves online or in a roleplay. Creating a fursona includes picking a real or mythical animal, which is used to portray yourself. Common animals are dogs, hyenas, horse, and wolves.